Limpets are often overlooked and overcooked! If you want to eat limpets, first knock them off the rock in one swift move. If they are stuck fast, don’t continue to hit, just move on. If you have damaged their shell, then it is best to harvest them as they will be vulnerable to predators, etc. Once you have mastered removing a limpet from the rock it is attached to, then locate the head by pressing the foot (main body part) gently. You’ll see the head with little horns like a snail popping out. Now puch the foot towards the head to release the stomach/guts, then the foot should come away fairly easily from the shell. Rinse the foot in a pool and return to the shell ready to cook. Add a tiny amount of garlicky butter and grill it in its shell for about a minute. Limpets are enjoyed in Madeira and they even have a festival for them. They serve them in a variety of ways including pickled with chilli and bay leaves.