Never Mind the Burdocks – Winter


The winter edition of the Never Mind the Burdocks foraging series is a handy-sized guide for beginners to expert foragers of all ages. This book covers December to February, with an edible item for every day, including anecdotes, recipes, lookalikes and plenty more information, such as historical use. The winter edition focuses on seaweeds and shellfish in the back pages and all books have a ruler on the back cover to check shellfish are large enough for collecting and mushroom sizes to aid identification.


2 reviews for Never Mind the Burdocks – Winter

  1. David in Devon

    An excellent guide to beginner and experienced foragers like myself. Handy size for taking out in the wilds and paperback keeps iot light enough to take every time. Looking forward to the other two seasons being released.

  2. John

    There are some interesting quirky facts alongside the more practical stuff that you’d expect. Some sound fishing tips too. There is so much passion and enthusiasm in this book that you cannot fail to smile when reading it.

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